Genuine ACP 21" Aero VU Wiper Blade - Part No. AERO 21

Genuine ACP 21
  • EAN: 5053667085700
  • Part No: AERO 21
  • Brand: AERO VU

Price: £5.19

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Additional Key Information:Part No: AERO 21 Our Aero VU blades are a direct replacement for your conventional wiper blades and use the same technology as Europe's premium wiper manufacturers, without the forever-rising premium prices. The flat and elegant spring strips of Aero VU replace the usual links and pivots of conventional wiper blades in to a joint free, aerodynamic design incorporating a spoiler that provides a uniform contact pressure along the entire length of the blade to deliver a more consistent, high quality wipe. Effective at high speeds and extreme weather conditions:
- Custom-designed for increased performance.
- Equal distributing of force coupled with optimized aerodynamics clearing every portion of the wipers capable range with unbeatable efficiency.

Convenience at it's best:
- Minimal wind noise due to reduced surface area exposed to the elements.
- Reliable winter performance, resistant to ice forming on joints.

Specially designed for us:
- Smart and minimalistic design replacing joints and unsightly framing.
- In-built aerodynamic spoiler
- Uniquely designed rails for the perfect fit to your windscreen.

Longer life:
- Even distributing of force prevents uneven wear
- Increase resistance to avoid stubborn dirt and insects.
- Tested on our own vehicles to ensure longevity