STP GSTST71500EN Carb Spray Cleaner, 500 ml

STP GSTST71500EN Carb Spray Cleaner, 500 ml
  • EAN: 5018704385212
  • STP 71500EN Carb Spray Clean 500 ml
  • car parts
  • Brand: STP

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STP Carb Spray Cleaner 500ml Colour of can may vary from picture. Benefits • Cleans carburettors, linkages and automatic chokes • Keeps carburettors in peak condition • Must not be sprayed on the car's finish: can cause wax and paint streaking How STP® Carb Spray Cleaner Works During the normal flow of air and fuel through the carburettor, deposits build up on internal carburettor parts and restrict the small jets and openings in the carburettor body, disrupting the air/fuel flow resulting in poor performance (reduced power, rough idling). These build-ups are caused by very small particles pulled through the air intake (even with a good air filter), exhaust gases recirculated by the pollution control systems and fuel oxidation products. Spraying bursts of STP® Carb Spray Cleaner down the throat of the carburettor removes external build-up to help regain the proper flow of fuel or air through these extremely small openings. The springs and mechanical linkages which operate the throttle plates and automatic choke often become covered with an oily film which attracts dirt. In addition, the film forms varnish and gum when exposed to the high temperatures in the engine compartment. These build-ups cause sticking of the linkages and choke, resulting in hesitation, stalling, engine run-on, rough idling and wasted fuel. STP® Carb Spray Cleaner instantly washes away these build-ups to restore smooth performance. STP® Carb Spray Cleaner Cleans PCV Valves Positive Crankcase Ventilation valves are part of the anti-pollution systems designed to remove and recirculate blow-by gases that slip by piston rings into the crankcase area. This blow-by contains deposit forming raw and partially burned fuel. Deposit build-up in these valves blocks the flow of blow-by gases from the crankcase.

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