5 x Specialist Soft Natural Hog Hair Detailing Brushes for Car Cleaning Vents, Dash, Trim, Seats, Wheels

5 x Specialist Soft Natural Hog Hair Detailing Brushes for Car Cleaning Vents, Dash, Trim, Seats, Wheels
  • EAN: 8944616253745
  • ✔ SET OF 5 DETAILING BRUSHES - Various Sizes for Different Valeting Applications
  • ✔ SELECTION OF SIZES - Five Sizes to Allow you to get into the Nooks and Crannies
  • ✔ SOFT HOG HAIR BRUSH - Densely Packed Hair Provides a Sturdy and Efficient Cleaning Brush
  • ✔ SOFT BUT STURDY - The Soft but Sturdy Brushes Allow for a Variety of Uses on Wheels, Plastics, Badges and Interiors
  • ✔ STRONG WOODEN HANDLES - Each Brush Has a Strong Wooden Handle with Hole, Allowing you to Hang Brush to Allow to Dry Properly
  • Brand: Detailers United

Price: £12.97

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Premium Detailing Brush Set - Sturdy Hog Hair Brushes for Car Wheel & Interior Cleaning Are having trouble cleaning your Car Wheels, Badges or Interior?

You need a dedicated set of Quality Vehicle Detailing Brushes that will allow you to have specific brushes for dedicated tasks.

Having a set of 5 premium brushes will mean that you can label the brushes and keep one or two for wheel cleaning, one for your grill and badges and one for the interior to clean your air vents.

With two or more sets you can have one set for your wheels and exterior and one set for all interior tasks, ideally, you'll want to keep some just for dry dusting and some for wet work with various cleaners.

Our brushes are made from high-quality materials and no expense is spared on production, we save money by not creating flashy packaging, we don't believe in creating lots of packaging and adding waste that you need to dispose of, these are supplied in a simple plastic bag.

How to care for & store your brushes When you've finished using the brush, swish it around in clean water to remove all residues from the bristles, then leave on a microfiber (or similar) cloth and allow to dry naturally, do not leave with chemicals on and don't store in freezing weather if still wet, keep warm until dry.

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