Castrol 1533EB EDGE Engine Oil 0W-30, 4L - Gold

Castrol 1533EB EDGE Engine Oil 0W-30, 4L - Gold
  • EAN: 4008177024863
  • Castrol Edge Titanium 0W-30 C3. has the latest specification for Vauxhall, BMW, Mercedes and most other modern engines.
  • * The New CASTROL EDGE combines the latest engine protection technology with improved performance.
  • * It is a fully synthetic, 0W-30 viscosity engine oil which meets a wide range of Mercedes, General Motors, BMW, Volkeswagen and Fiat specifications.
  • * STP Diesel Particulate Filter is added to your fuel to regenerate you DPF
  • New titanium technology from Castrol
  • Brand: Castrol

Price: £35.50

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Castrol Edge Titanium 0W-30 FST C3 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 4 Litre Advances in engine technology have led to increased power and efficiency, meaning engines work harder and under higher pressures than ever before.The only thing keeping metal engine components apart is the oil, so it needs to be strong and remain strong. Castrol EDGE is our strongest and most advanced range of engine oils. Its TITANIUM FST doubles its film strength, preventing oil film breakdown and reducing friction. Castrol EDGE with TITANIUM FST helping your engine perform at its best.

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