Gunson G4062 Eezibleed Kit

Gunson G4062 Eezibleed Kit
  • EAN: 9789790814578
  • Suitable for one man operation
  • Uses the air pressure from a spare tyre to effortless bleed hydraulic systems
  • The Eezibleed kits contains a special pressure vessel to hold the new fluid, spare bottle seal part number G4062/80
  • Can be used successfully on the following systems: Tandem master cylinders without sensors Tandem reservoirs, Slave servos, Vacuum Servos
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Brand: Gunson

Price: £19.99

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Uses air pressure from a spare wheel to bleed hydraulic brake and clutch systems. Suitable for one-man operation. Contents include: bottle, bottle cap assembly with tyre connector, 3 x hoses (3.5 x 303, 5.4 x 303 and 5.4 x 183mm), 4 x caps (25, 27, 44-45 and 46mm) and 5 x seals.

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