Ring Automotive RBA3 Voltmeter with DC Plug, 12/ 24 V

Ring Automotive RBA3 Voltmeter with DC Plug, 12/ 24 V
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  • Brand: Ring

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Winter is typically a bad time for car batteries. The big freeze, coupled with inactivity over the winter period increases the natural discharge of car batteries. Already in 2009 the AA has reported that a record number of call outs with 18,000 calls on the 5th of January alone. Along with checking tyre pressure, the screen wash, the oil and lighting, battery power is another vital car check that should be carried out before driving. The figures from the AA would suggest that motorists are not carrying out regular health tests on their batteries. To help motorists, Ring Automotive has brought out a new battery monitor, the RBA3. It has an in built automatic circuit selection making them compatible with 12v and 24v vehicles. To make checking your battery even easier, the RBA3 plugs directly into your vehicles DC socket. There is no need to lift the bonnet. As well a providing an accurate digital read out of the battery voltage, the voltmeter comes with three coloured LED indicators. A green light means the battery is in good health, an amber light suggests the battery requires a charge and red light indicates you battery needs immediate reviving. It is small and compact for easy storage in any vehicle, making it ideal to have to hand for regular checking. If the worse comes to the worse and the battery does need charging, Ring Automotive as a charger specialist, has a range of battery chargers including its SmartChargers which will recharge deeply discharged batteries and will not over charge the battery, which are also available in our amazon shop.

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