4 x GU10 11w = 50w Low Energy Saving Spotlamp Bulbs Globes Lamps (Warm 2700k White)

4 x GU10 11w = 50w Low Energy Saving Spotlamp Bulbs Globes Lamps (Warm 2700k White)
  • EAN: 5000175412771
  • 4 bulb pack. GU10 240 volt energy saving compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • 74mm length from tip to tip including the 2 pins. 50mm lens diameter.
  • CE approved. 11 watts power usage but 50 watts equivalent light.
  • Genuine Lectrolite branded bulbs.
  • These are standard fitting GU10 light bulbs for standard light fittings (Not TP24 specialized fitting). Not dimmable as this damages the bulbs. Warm white light 2700k. Long life, 10,000 hour average lifespan or ten years in normal usage
  • Brand: Lectrolite

Price: £19.99

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Quality bulbs. RoHS compliance and CE safety approved. These bulbs directly replace your standard 35w or 50w GU10 bulbs and may only fit open fronted bulb holders but they use much less electricity. The 10,000 hour lifespan means they last many times longer than standard GU10 bulbs so you save on replacement bulbs as well as electricity bills. These bulbs pay for themselves many times over in electricity savings. Standard GU10 2 pin fitting. 240 volt. Only 11 watts power usage. Cooler running than a halogen GU10. Lens diameter 5cm. (Standard diameter for GU10 spot lamps). 74mm long including metal pins. Please note: they are not suitable for use with dimmer switches as this will damage the bulbs. They are longer in the body so are only for open fronted bulb holders. They will fit all open fronted bulbs holders or lamps, multiple or single or on bars or rails etc. If you are not sure if they will fit your fittings why not buy a single one to try first.

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