STP GST60450EN 450ml Oil Treatment Petrol

STP GST60450EN 450ml Oil Treatment Petrol
  • EAN: 5018704350319
  • The exclusive formula in STP® Oil Treatment for Petrol Engines fortifies motor oil with an extra measure of additives, providing increased levels of viscosity improver plus anti-wear, anti-friction and anti-oxidation agents. STP® Oil Treatment for Petrol Engines, a mineral oil based additive, provides extra protection against engine heat and allows oil to maintain key lubricating properties for longer to keep the engine going strong until the next oil change.
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  • Brand: STP

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STP Petrol Oil Treatment has an exclusive formula that reinforces the engine oil with a potent dose of additives increasing it's viscosity. The special components prevent wear, friction and rust. Protects against engine wear, Improves oil viscosity, Fights oil oxidation and breakdown, Reduces oil consumption. The product was developed after extensive research and laboratory tests. specially for ALL types of petrol engine, It actually makes engine oil last longer. For petrol engines only.

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