Company of Animals Non-Pull Harness, Black Medium

Company of Animals Non-Pull Harness, Black Medium
  • EAN: 5053368316554
  • The Non-Pull Harness is an instant solution for dogs that pull when walked
  • It uses the 'squeeze and lift' theory that tightens on the dog when they pull on the lead. This will ultimately deter the dog from pulling and will return them to normal controlled walking. A sliding security cord lock prevents over-tightening
  • The patented chest mesh design allows unrestricted movement and the padded "Sherpa sleeves" provide additional comfort to eliminate rubbing while still keeping you in control
  • It is an ideal harness for small and medium sized dogs and is recommended to be used with a HALTI Training Lead
  • Medium Size: suitable for dogs with neck circumference between 12-17 in / 30-43 cm
  • Brand: Company of Animals

Price: £9.73

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The Sporn Non-Pull Harness is easy to use and simple to fit. The elastic web and mesh that cover the dog's chest stretches with his movement. This is comfortable for the dog whilst putting the handler in control. Fabric "Sherpa Sleeves" provide extra comfort to eliminate rubbing.Features:

  • Easy to fit and simple to use
  • Stops the hardest pullers instantly
  • Patented system flexes with your dogs natural movements
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Available in three sizes

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