Pingi Dehumidifer -For Car and Home - Single Pack - 299g - Multicolor

Pingi Dehumidifer -For Car and Home - Single Pack - 299g - Multicolor
  • EAN: 8718481171622
  • Pingi dehumidifier eliminates moisture from vehicles, the home and other enclosed spaces
  • Makes for safer driving by keeping your windscreen clear
  • Re-useable with a fast regeneration time, just 6 minutes in a microwave
  • Coloured patented indicator lets you know when Pingi is full
  • Absolutely safe to use around children and animals
  • Brand: Pingi

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Reusable Car-Dehumidifier

Pingi Car-Dehumidifier offers a quick and easy way to remove dampness from your car, caravan, RV and boat. It is your best choice against fogged up windshields and other moisture related problems. Pingi Car-Dehumidifier attracts the excess humidity in your vehicle like a magnet. The absorbed water is safely retained without ever leaking out during use. Ant the best thing? It does not need refills!

Main Features:

- Reusable car-dehumidifier
- Pulls dampness from the air
- No refills needed
- Never leaks
- Humidity indicator
- Renews after just 6 minutes in the microwave

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