Greenox AdBlue 20 Litre

Greenox AdBlue 20 Litre
  • EAN: 5081304297254
  • Manufactured to ISO22241 standards
  • Brand: Greenox

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AdBlue® is a high purity operating fluid, used in the emissions removal systems of diesel engined vehicles and equipment. Chemically speaking AdBlue® is a 32.5% solution of Urea in purifed water. The AdBlue® is stored in a tank on the vehicle and from there dosed automatically by the ECU directly into the exhaust gas at a rate in relation to the amount of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) being produced by the engine. Following mixing, the AdBlue® and exhaust gas mixture passes into a catalyst system where a chemical reaction takes place converting the NOx to harmless Nitrogen and Water, which are then expelled from the end of the exhaust. During the reaction the AdBlue® is consumed and needs to be replaced by refilling the tank periodically. AdBlue® consumption is related to engine load, engine size, travelling terrain and temperature.

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