GreenChem AdBlue 20L With Spout

GreenChem AdBlue 20L With Spout
  • EAN: 8717953106919
  • 20L Container With Pouring Spout
  • Manufactured to ISO22241 Standards
  • Fully VDA registered Manufacturer
  • Brand: GreenChem

Price: £11.50

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AdBlue is a liquid, clear solution which consists of demineralized water and automotive urea (32,5%). AdBlue is injected into the exhaust gasses of a diesel powered engine to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) in combination with SCR (Selective Catalyste Reduction) -technology. As such, AdBlue is not an additive for diesel. AdBlue, of which the technical name is AUS32, is alo know as DEF in the United States and ARLA32 in Brazil. GreenChem is a leading manufacturer and distributor of AdBlue across Europe. Many trucks, cars, off-road equipment and Agricultural machinery, are using ISO-spec high quality AdBlue from GreenChem today. GreenChem's brand values are: Efficient, Quality, Solutions for You, the customer! Item shipped is 1 x 20Ltr can and not 2 x 10Ltr cans. Weight Warning. This item is 20KG+ and may be difficult to handle.

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