Philips 12799I60X2 X-Tremeultinon LED Interior Car Light W5W T10 6000K 12V, Set of 2, Set of 2

Philips 12799I60X2 X-Tremeultinon LED Interior Car Light W5W T10 6000K 12V, Set of 2, Set of 2
  • EAN: 8727900397925
  • Brighter and more stylish: Design your interior with brighter LED lights
  • CeraLight ceramic heat and vibration protection, durable and long-lasting
  • High-power LED, 4000K to 8000K color temperature
  • Brand: Philips

Price: £12.74

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Improve the light and style of your car's interior with Philips' new X-tremeUltinon LED bulbs. Long-lasting ceramic design, eye-friendly daylight effect. Why buy Philips X-treme Ultinon LED W5W 6000K (Twin)? If you're looking to improve both the lighting and style of your vehicle's interior, try Philips' new X-treme Ultinon LED bulbs. Unlike some technologically inferior LED bulbs that are on the market these days, Philips X-treme Ultinon LED bulbs produce a brilliant, natural-feeling and uniformly diffused light, so you can enjoy a heightened illumination that doesn't damage or tire your eyes. What's more, through Philips' utilisation of their unique CeraLight ceramic technology, X-treme Ultinon bulbs offer an extremely durable bulb that can withstand high temperatures as well as vibrational damage, achieving an remarkably long life of up to 12 years. Made to the highest quality of Philips Automotive-Grade Quality standards, the new X-treme Ultinon bulbs offer the very best in lighting design, guaranteeing you an easy installation and a powerful, precise light beam performance. Give your vehicle some extra comfort, some extra style and some extra light - for years to come. Features and benefits: 6000K LED lighting Vastly improves interior lighting Daylight effect Sensitive to eyes Exceptional style Durable LED design for extremely long life New CeraLight ceramic casing prevents heat and vibrational damage Built to Philips Automotive-Grade Quality high production standards About Philips For over a century, Philips have been literally making the world a brighter place. Through using ever-advancing technology and adhering to the most rigorous and superlative of production standards, it isn't hard to see why one in every three cars worldwide come equipped with Philips lamps. A purchase from Philips not only offers best-in-class technology, but peace of mind.

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