Steering Wheel Lock Car Locks, 2018 Upgrade Universal Heavy Duty Anti Theft Lock Device Self Defense Clamp Adjustable Length Emergency Hammerwith Protective Cap

Steering Wheel Lock Car Locks, 2018 Upgrade Universal Heavy Duty Anti Theft Lock Device Self Defense Clamp Adjustable Length Emergency Hammerwith Protective Cap
  • EAN: B074SL2LPS
  • 100% EFFECTIVE IN POLICE TESTS - Heavy duty locking mechanism, Protect your vehicle with this robust physical and visual deterrent to car thieves. The car anti theft steering wheel security lock Helps to prevent your vehicle from being stolen as it's exceptionally hard to remove without the key. Hooks steering wheel lock smoothly extendible to17.7-28.7 inch (45cm-71cm).
  • EMERGENCY SAFETY ESCAPE HAMMER WINDOW BREAKER --- Your Life Could Depend On This Car Hammer. The steering wheel lock not only a sturdy security steering wheel car lock anti-theft device, also a heavyweight safety hammer. A high-quality car or home safety escape tool to help prevent automotive or a burning house entrapment and smash the window for safety escape. Car hammer or auto safety hammer, The Must-have security emergency tool.
  • SELF-DEFENSE WEAPONA --- Make of Hardened steel, Car steering wheel lock bar have a very solid bar with a foam covered handle to keep from scratching your steering wheel. Can also used as a self-defense weapon . The car steering wheel locks anti theft can protect you and your vehicle all the time. The Lock fit for most of vehicles
  • UNIVERSAL FIT, CONVENIENT USE --- Monojoy's patented self-locking feature locks with one pull. High density sponge cover,no odor even long time using,feel comfortable. Easy to handle, install and remove - smooth operation. Simple to lock and unlock with keys in seconds. It's simple Telescopic range of lock fork can be adjusted, more firmly fixed on the steering wheel. Extendable and retractable wheel locks suitable for Cars, Vans, SUVs, RV, RAM,Sedan, Truck etc.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE! - Our primary goal is to make our customers 100% happy. Monojoy is dedicated to address any service and product issues.If you're not satisfied with the performance of your steering wheel car lock, we will refund your money or replace it for you, no questions asked!
  • Brand: MONOJOY

Price: £23.99

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This is not only a Security Car Lock, but also Emergency Hammer, Self Defense Tool. 
If you go on a travel...
If there were someone want to open you car...
But if he see a steering wheel lock.........   "Can't opening it..."  ,  "Too waste of time..."

You have bought car wash shampoo, car cleaning, phone holder, air freshener, polisher,table and so many car accessories... But we do recommend this multifunction steering wheel lock.

Security is TOP Important:
- MONOJOY anti-theft lock use B GRADE KEY CYLINDER which protect the car lock from Lock Pick Set
- 1.4 kg heavy duty. Made from high-quality steel and aluminum alloy manufacturing and lock beam inorganic teeth which prevent steering wheel lock from violent saw
- 3 Key for maximal care for you daily use. One is following youself, one can give the others , and the left one for you reserve.

Easy Use and Universal Fit:
- Simple to lock and unlock with keys in seconds.
- Storage size 45x8x3cm, half size of a car mat. Easy to put, easy to carry.
- Adjustable length 45-73cm, 27cm adjustable length.
- Fit for all brands, types, models Car Truck Van SUV such as Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Benz, Skoda, VW, Volkswagen, Mazda, Audi, Ford Fiesta...
- Go on using even if you have a steering wheel cover.

Emergency Hammers:
1. We not live in a movie, but we get ready in case of any theatricality accident.
2. There is no time to speculate when you are in danger and this steering wheel lock with emergency hammer will definitely save your time.

Self Defense Handy Tool:
1.  Nearly 1.5kg, heavy duty solid bar give you a defender to cope with every needed enviorment.
2. Protect the person you love and always live in a safety enviorment.

1 * Antitheft steering wheel lock 
3 * B grade cylinder keys

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